Sunday, April 5, 2009

So much to blog!

First I have to say it has been awhile, because I am entering the spring phase of craziness! Of course that is always fun because I love the feel of school as things are winding down. There will be so much to cram in the next two months and of course they will fly by. Anyway, here is a wrap of all the fun things we have had going on lately....

PV Father Daughter Banquet...
This is always such a fun time for my family. Claire and Tim have gone every year of her life and my Dad, Sheila and I have missed only one time since they started putting it on. It is such a blessing to have him to ourselves every year, not to mention the fact that he always comes with some bling for each of us. This year he did not let us down and gave us the most amazing tanzanite rings. I have to get mine sized so that I can wear it! For Brock, the evening is a lot of fun because he and my Mom have a date with the other boy cousins. This year they went to Gator Golf and Chuck E Cheese. I think that he got a pretty good evening! Here are a few picture recaps of the evening

Traditional Photo shoot by Mom

Getting to see all our friends and cousins with their dads is fun too!

The boys were waiting on Grant and NeNe to get there to start their evening.

Spring Break

We didn't do too much on Spring Break this year. We are saving up our dimes for our blow out in June to Disney. We had so much fun though just chilling out around the house and taking it easy. Monday and Tuesday, my niece Kayely "kidsat" (Claire's words) while I worked. Brock went to play at the Bowmans and then the Coopers on Monday and had too much fun for words. Pictures of that are available on Cortney's blog. Wednesday we just did nothing but relax and then on Thursday, Heidi came and picked them up and whisked them off to the lake house. All the cousins went and those kids had a blast. My mom let them do 2 Polar Bear Plunges, THEY ACTUALLY GOT IN THE LAKE! They thought that it was great. It makes me wonder if we are raising mentally sound kids, but hey, to each their own. If I can get pictures from my sister I will post them. Friday morning, I picked up Vanesa and we joined in on the fun. When we got there we all went to Fairfield Bay to play golf. Well, some of us drove golf carts and cheered for the others. It was a blast! That pretty much sums up Spring Break, here are the pictures.

The Indian Rock House
My Mom used to come here with her Grandparents. It is really cool!

Soccer AND Baseball

I have become that Mom that I used to talk about. Brock is playing 2 sports at one time. I didn't necessarily intend for them to overlap, but oh well, they do. Anyway, here are a few pics from the game yesterday. I have not taken any at baseball yet, shame on me.