Monday, January 19, 2009

Let the Games Begin!

Brock had his first basketball game on Saturday, and it was a success. He had an absolute blast! He got in the truck to leave and he shouted "I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEE ITTTTTT!!!!" I took that to mean that he enjoyed playing the game. He grinned the whole time, and was so excited every time his team scored. He didn't make any baskets, but that didn't dull his enthusiasm any. Tim and I told him that it was most important to be a good team mate, to have fun and learn more about playing the game. He did all three so we were proud. One of the highlights was that he got to play against some of his buddies. Cole Shoemaker was on the other team. Colin was supposed to be but can't play with the bum leg. A highlight for all of us was that Eli made a surprise entrance into the game. Their team ran short on players so Jason had Eli put on a jersey and play. (I need to interject that Eli is one of my very favorite kids, ever. He is so funny to me, and I just LOVE to watch him do anything, especially anything that involves running.) To have been so much younger, he did awesome. He and Brock even got to "guard" each other, but I am not sure that is what you should call it. Laughing and hugging keeping the ball away from each other would be a closer fit. They had fun and that is what counts. I am really disappointed in my camera because it didn't do well inside. It is a great outdoor camera, but inside it really stinks. I am going to start saving my pennies for a Mac Daddy camera, but that will have to go along with the Wii games and accessories. Yes, I got a Wii last week. I couldn't help myself honestly. After New Years Eve, I just had to have one. We have spent more time playing together as a family in the last week than we have in a long time too. Usually, everyone does their own thing, but now we are playing together, so I am counting the Wii as a good addition. Brock can legit beat us at bowling, so i am going to practice when he goes to school. I will not lose to an almost 6 year old! Anyway, here are the pictures from the game.
This is Brock after his team scored. It is blurry but he is doing the Tiger Woods "yes"
Bringing the ball upcourt
Friends make sitting on the sidelines so much more fun!
This the "I got my eye on you" and "Who Me?"
Matching wristbands means that is who you are supposed to guard (or hug)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had an amazing Christmas! The kids were so absolutely fun that it was indescribable. They were enamored on Christmas morning and couldn't hardly contain themselves. Tim and I relished every moment because we know that our days of magic are numbered. They had a great break from school, and I just can't believe how fast it went. I took advantage of not having to get up and get kids to school every morning. I am just not a morning person to say the least, so not having to get up every day was a real treat for me. There were so many events through Christmas that I don't know where to even begin.

The Thursday before school let out they both had parties in their classes. I knew that I would be spread thin from running back and forth, so I asked my wonderful sister to come help Claire with her Gingerbread house. She was excited to be a part of the action, and it made my day so much easier. Claire did 10x better with her than she ever would have with me, so it made the whole experience fun. The funniest thing is that neither one of them like to have their hands messy, and boy oh boy are gingerbread houses messy! Brock was funny at his party and came home buzzing from a sugar high. Can you tell why? The first family event happened on Monday before Christmas at my Mom's house. We had her whole family at her house and everyone had a great time until....about 20 people who were there got the stomach virus, a bad one. We were some of the lucky ones that actually escaped the agony which still surprises me since we always get those type of bugs.

Christmas morning was something that stories are written about for us. The kids were hilarious figuring out what all Santa had left for them and reading the letter he had written to them. Brock got a double pop-a-shot basketball game that Tim and I play as much as he does. But when you live on a hill like we do, there is not a good place for a true basketball goal. Claire got Bitty Baby Twins from American Girl that she really likes. She got a matching nightgown to their pajamas so that was fun. One of the bright spots for her was that she and I were wearing matching pajama pants. I had kept mine a surprise for Christmas morning and that really thrilled her. SO much fun.

After we had our family time on Christmas morning we went to my Mom & Dad's again for the Wood Family Christmas. It is always so much fun, even though the other kids are really getting so big. They help my kids get the most out of their presents. We had fun trying to take a group shot with the timer. If the lighting had been better we could have had a good one, but oh well.

Tim's family came the following Sunday afternoon. They got us some really cool gifts and we had a nice visit with them here. Amy came bearing her normal gifts that only an aunt would buy including a whoopee cushion and a can of peanuts with a springy thing that Brock thought was hilarious!

New Years Eve was a very fun time too! We had a blast over at the Bowman's house with the Chaffin's, McClain's playing Wii American Idol and watching the ball drop. Of course, we watched in at 11 on CNN, but hey it counts when you have a bunch of tired little people, and a few fuddy duds! I will have to steal some of Cortney's pictures to post on here. It was our kids first true experience on New Years and I think they are hooked. We will have to make it a tradition for sure!
One bad note is that my mom's Mom, Gran, took a spill on the 28th and broke her hip. She had surgery and repaired that good as new. She will stay in the rehab center a little while longer, but should be home again.
All in all it was a wonderful holiday and we can't wait to see what the 2009 year will bring. Craziness I am sure!