Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have a new man in my life....

I need to let you all know that I know that I have a new man in my life. He is about 9 lbs and has fuzzy brown hair and hates to ride in his carseat, but does like to have his tummy rubbed. It isn't a puppy, nope his name is Paxton Dean King!

This past week I took off and went to Florida for a few days to visit the Kings. It was such an amazing week just spending time with one of my dearest friends and her precious family, who I consider part mine anyway. I got to sit and talk and laugh for four glorious days. It has been way way too long since we got to spend that kind of time together. I miss them so much, but am very grateful for the chance to have made the trip. More treasured memories were made with treasured friends!

Bailey and Beckham are growing up so fast so it was so fun for me to get to spend time with them. Bailey let me braid her hair at night while it was wet so that it would have some wave to it in the morning. It was our thing, and I loved it! I meant to show Shannon how to french braid, but we got too caught up watching American Idol and voting for Kris Allen to have a braiding lesson. Maybe next time. Beckham and I were just a team and we enjoyed cooking, breakfast and watching tv together. He is so funny, and I am really missing his chatter. Paxton, well he is just yummy! I loved him before I even met him, but now he and I are bonded at the heart. I figured out that when he was crying really hard that I could rub his belly a certain way and he would calm right down. I love knowing that I had a special touch with him. It helped me know that he and I will have a special relationship like I have with the other too, even if too many miles separate us to suit my liking. It was a great time and I miss them already!

Brock Happenings...
Baseball season is in full swing, and we are swinging away. We are lucky enough to be on the same team as last year which means playing baseball with our best buddies. This year there are 6 boys from PV on our team. It makes playing so much fun. Plus we are with our favorite coaches who make playing fun. I appreciate their patience with a bunch of 6 year old boys! As to date, Brock, who has been working with Coach Pops on batting has had 3 hits in the last 2 games. Of course he got his first 2 while I was in Florida. He scored his first basket when I wasn't there so the only thing left is that one day when he plays football that he will score his first touchdown when I am not there. But, tonight, he got a great hit, and I got to see it! I love watching him play sports and am looking forward to many more years!
This is year 3 of playing together
We have taken a picture of them from behind each year, this year just has a little twist to it, literally!
All the boys love to wear the catchers gear, and it is just too cute not to photograph!
The cutest fan in the stands!
Soccer is winding down and would have been over if there hadn't been so much blasted rain. Brock moved up a level for Spring and has done pretty well. It has been such a broken up season that it hasn't been as easy to tell how much he is improving as it was in the fall. His footwork does impress me, and he truly does love playing the game. It has been a pretty big time stretch getting between two sports plus Claire's activities, but hey, that's my job!
The Friday before Mothers Day, we had Muffins For Mom at school. It was so precious! They had several songs that the five classes sang together for all the Moms, and then we were escorted back to their classrooms for some special treats. They had done a questions list about their Moms and it turns out that I am 20 years old and I weigh 15 lbs! Seeing as how I started a diet today with the goal of losing 20 lbs that is good news. Soon I should be -5 lbs! I will let you know how that feels!

Claire Bear Happenings...
The other day I was taking supper to my Grandpa. Gran has been in the hospital, and I wanted to make sure that he had some good meals to eat. He is 91, and the back and forth has caused even more wear and tear on his aging body. Anyway, it worked out where Claire was with me when I made the food delivery. She and Grandpa have always had a very special relationship that warms the soul to see them together. That day was no exception. He took her out in the front yard and cut her some of his fresh flowers. Fortunately, God whispered in my ear that I had my camera in the car. I got it out and took some precious shots that I know will be cherished for the rest of her life.
The 2nd grade class performed at the last PTA meeting of the year. It was such a great performance, and she really enjoyed it, at least most of it. The funniest part was that during one song I noticed that she wasn't really singing so I leaned over and mentioned it to her teacher. She said "oh yeah, she hates this song, but she loves the next one." Sure enough the next song she was back to her previous animated self. Too funny that girl! She is supposed to have a gymnastics program tomorrow, but she says that she isn't going to do it. I told her that I had already paid for her to be in it and she said, "Well, you better get your money back!" We will see how tomorrow goes. You never know with Claire Bear, it could go either way. I will keep you updated!

This is when she spotted Pops, Heidi and Dan in the crowd.