Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whew, what a month!

Okay, so this month has been nuts! The end of the school year, while awesome and fun, was soooooo busy. I can't imagine being a teacher and trying to finish up everything because being PTA President was crazy enough. The month of May started out with Teacher Appreciation Week, which at Baker is a HUGE deal! That took up quite a bit of time, but was amazing thanks to a LOT of AWESOME help. Then I went to spend time with the Kings in Jacksonville. I am so glad that I got to do that because it was an amazing time. It is always so much fun to hang out with good friends and especially when those good friends move too far away. When I got home from there it was time to start getting the year closed out.

2nd Grade ended on a high with Jack and Annie Day. This was so much fun and a day that will always mark the year. They had different rotations throughout the day and played and had a great time outside. I was in charge of High Tide in Hawaii booth which was so fun! We had a limbo stick, grass skirts and lays for everyone. We did some light hula dancing and a good time was had by all. The other booths were wrapping each other up as mummies, a parachute, stick horse racing and several other fun things. Also with Claire she did do the Spring Olympics and I was so proud of her. She was really intimidated at first but ended up having a great time. It was so fun to see her do something like that! I was so overwhelmingly proud of her for overcoming her fear and doing it anyway. This year was a perfect year for Claire. Her teacher was so amazing and the kids in her class were the sweetest kids. I am so thankful for the wonderful year she had. She grew up so much and ended up with great grades and Tim and I could not be more proud of her. She continues to amaze me and I am so thankful to be her Mom! God couldn't have done a better job when he made her.

Kindergarten ended with a bang to say the least. The kids had the annual Splashdown/Luau Day and we had so much fun. It ended up being a cool day, but that didn't spoil the fun for them. They were so cute running around squealing and playing in the mud. I was really sad to see Kindergarten come to an end! It seems so strange that I will never have a kindergartner again. The year went way too fast and it was so much fun. Brock learned so much and has turned into quite the student. He gets very serious when it comes to school. Tim and I hope that we will be able to guide him to great things academically. Baseball went really well. He had so much more fun this year than last year. He worked with my Dad and really learned to hit the ball. It was exciting to watch and he ended the year with only one or two at bats where he didn't hit off of the machine. We really enjoyed seeing him progress this year and hope that next year goes as well.

Field Day was terrific and I would say the best ever! I loved it particularly because it was the first event of the year that I just got to show up for and enjoy. It means so much to have other parents that are committed to making a day fantastic for the kids. We had a great time dancing, going to different booths and just enjoying being with friends. I am already looking forward to next year's event. I love having my kids at such an amazing school!

I promise I will get Disney pictures up as soon as I can. It was the best vacation ever and there are so many things to show and tell. I literally took 500 pictures so you can imagine how much work that is to get ready to blog. Disney was so very fun and magical and everything you can ever hope for in a trip to Orlando. Keep checking back and hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have the pictures posted.