Monday, September 29, 2008

Back on Track!

Whew, I think I am finally getting into a good spot now. The first of the school year was such a whirlwind and so many new things to learn, for me not the kids. I feel like I have learned so much about delegating and figuring out what has to be done. I think next year will be much easier since I will have a clue of what is coming at me. Anyway, the kids and Tim have been great about taking a back seat of sorts. During the last month & a half here are some of the things that have been happening in the Ballard household...

Claire had an American Hero report on Squanto. She did fantastic! We were so proud of her and how composed she was in front of all those people. I guess I should tell you that she stood in front of her whole class of 25 kids, most of their parents and even some grandparents to give this report. That would be intimidating to most adults, much less a little girl who just turned 8! She has also started taking a gymnastics class and is loving going to that. She is in a class with 2 little girls that she knows and so that makes it even more fun.

She was so nervous!

She talked so softly that the video didn't pick up much, but she did great!

Mrs. Maple held her poster for her & was there for moral support.
Brock started soccer for the first time and is doing amazing. He loves soccer! He and Reid Bowman are in the same league which makes life wonderful. There are 2 little girls there from Baker also, so that gives him a few of the ladies to show out for, and Brock loves the ladies! The first week he did fine, but it wasn't until about halfway through that he realized he was not only allowed, but encouraged, to take the ball from the other team. Once he figured that out he was on a mission. The 2nd week he and Reid played on different fields, which was a bummer. The 2nd week he had the concept down and had 3 goals, most of them on fast breaks. He fascinates me with his ball control since he has just started playing. He would have had 2 or 3 more if the goal was about 2 inches wider. After his first goal of the day, he turned and looked at me and said "Mom, that one was for you!" It was so sweet. I hope for all the years he plays he will always score the first goal of the game for me. Wishful thinking I know, but hey a girl can dream.

Always the entertainer!
A little pre-game chase. (I love their faces, having so much fun!)

Listening to instructions (& sitting by Alyssa)

This is right after his very 1st goal. It is hard to cheer and take pictures at the same time!

2nd game, got it figured out!

One of his fast breaks with a goal...
Last Friday was Grandparents Day at school. This was the first year that Baker has had this event and it was a huge success! In my planning stages, I thought that we would most likely have a slow start up year with not too many people there and that next year it would grow and each year we would see more and more participation. I was wrong. Dead Wrong! We had 350 people show up! I couldn't believe my eyes. My kids were so lucky because they not only had my parents there, but my Grandparents. Including me, there were 4 generations at Baker on Friday. I was able to get to Brock's room to take some pictures, but by the time it was time for Claire's class I was working the lunch line serving lasagna! Seriously, I was a lunch lady! I kept singing the Adam Sandler song "Lunch Lady Land/Sloppy Joes" to my wonderful friend Sheila (not my sister) who jumped in and worked the line with me. We were just disappointed that we didn't get our pictures made back there. I have to give a HUGE thanks to my dear friend Cortney who came to my rescue with the picture station. She stood there for hours taking picture after picture. These were one of the favorite parts of the day for many of the grandparents who were there.

A few other things that have gone on that I missed blogging are Claire's 8th birthday party. It was another pool party (August birthdays have that benefit). So many friends came and had so much fun. One sad note was this was the first birthday party that Bailey wasn't there for, and she was greatly missed. Claire kept saying, "But Bailey has to come to my party". We hope that next year she can be there! The next day we spent the day with family at the lakehouse. What more can a girl want? There were some cute pictures of the twins too that I will add.

I can still do it!

On September 6th we had a celebration of the 1 year birthday of Olivia Faith King. It was a magnificent day to celebrate a precious little girl. It was so good to spend the day with friends and honor the blessing that Olivia's short life was to all of us! We had a balloon release that was absolutely perfect. Claire got so caught up in the balloons going up that she forgot to let go of hers. When we realized it and told her to let hers go she said "Here Olivia, here comes another one, catch it!" There are so many times that Claire makes you think that she can see straight into heaven, and I am not sure that she doesn't. She has the most beautiful soul of anyone I know. I am so lucky to be her mom!

That is about all we have been doing for now. I am looking forward to having a little more free time now that the PTA thing seems to be under control. I hope to be back on a regular blogging basis now. How are you guys? What has the past month & a half brought you guys?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Holding Steady

Wow, that is all I can say. I knew that being PTA President was going to be a busy job, but wow, I am barely holding my head above water here. It has been nuts. I am holding out hope that it will all slow down after the 26th (Grandparents Day). After that day, t-shirt sales will be over, the first big event of the year will be behind me and the Fundraisers will be almost done too. I will say that I am down to one thing that I need to delegate, and I will that I have things under control for the moment. It has been a real challenge getting things figured out and learning what was supposed to be PTA led and what wasn't. Hopefully when it is my turn (in two years) to turn over the helm I will be able to give that person a little bit more guidance than I got since they all left for the new school. Keep me in your prayers that I will lead this group well and represent myself as a Christian woman. I truly feel led to this job (and I do mean job).
The kids are doing well with school and their various activities. Claire has a big report to give tomorrow on Squanto. The parents and kids in her class will be all eye on her for the time it takes her to read her report. I am praying that she doesn't get nervous and will do well. She did great last year for her Presidents report so I have my fingers crossed for her. Claire has started a gymnastics class one day a week. She is in class with another girl from her class at school. She is really enjoying it which makes me happy. I am hoping they will be able to teach her a cartwheel. I have tried but she isn't interested in me teaching her anything. The one thing I actually know I am good at and she won't let me work with her. AARGH. Brock is adjusting to the fact that he has to do the work at school. He still thinks that coloring is a waste of his time, but at least he is doing it. He started playing soccer a few weeks ago and loves it. He has his first actual game on Saturday. I am anxious to see him in the competitive setting.
I will post pictures of Claire doing her report soon. I will be at Duck Duck Goose for the rest of the week so look for them next week.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Claire Bear is 8!

Yesterday my baby girl turned 8! I have loved every minute of being her mom and I can't wait to see what the next year brings! I love you Claire!

She is here!

Coming home from the hospital - 2000

1st birthday 2001

2nd Birthday - 2002

3rd Birthday - 2003
4th birthday - 2004

5th Birthday - 2005

6th birthday -2006

7th birthday - 2007

I will try and get her birthday pictures from this year on here soon. She had a fantastic birthday party on Saturday with most of her favorite people at our pool, and then Sunday we went to her most favorite place of all .... the lakehouse. What more can a girl ask for?