Saturday, January 30, 2010

The best day of sledding in years!

Today the kids woke me up early ready to go sledding. Somehow I managed to get them to wait until about 9 and got to laze around in the bed just a little bit longer. Then Mom called and said everyone was coming to their house to sled so we loaded up and headed over to their house. We had such an amazing day of fun!

Blakely never disappoints with a good laugh!

a good day of sledding always ends with a pizza party....

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow (for real this time)

We were out of school today for snow, and the great part is that this time we actually had something on the ground. In fact, we are stuck in the house. Oh the joys of living on a hill! The kids went out and played for awhile and were having a great time, until Brock crashed head first into a tree.. such fun killers those trees! Fortunately, he seems to be fine and wants to get back out there. I told him maybe tomorrow...

Also, we had a neat thing happen in our family this past week. Kayely-Morganne was baptized by her dad. We are so proud of her and the choices she has made. She is an amazing young lady, and I am so proud of her!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Basketball Twenty Ten Style

Brock started his 2nd season of Upward Basketball today. He did good, but was mainly adorable out there. This year we are playing for Coach Cooper and Coach Tommy with Colin, Cole, and Reid. They are so cute out there and really seemed to have fun. I am sure by the end of the season they will be quite the ball players, at least for 6/7 years olds. Fun times!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow (Well.... sort of)

We sort of had a snow the other day. The kids were out of school for a "dusting" and just had to go play in it, so of course I took pictures....

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve 2009 - Welcome Twenty Ten

Well the last day of the 2009 proved to be one of my favorites, and that says a lot because in my estimation it has been a fun year. There have been several downs, but I am choosing to only see the good. It was a great year with the kids and watching them grow and change. Claire has made such great strides that continue to make us proud of her hard work. I know that the older she gets the harder she tries and the more ground she gains. The last thing to really happen to her this year is that she got glasses. SO CUTE! Her first statement when she put them on was "Wow, everything is so big!" Really made me feel bad, but I promise I have had her eyes checked every year! Brock had a great 2009 finishing kindergarten, playing basketball, baseball and soccer two seasons. He loves them all which is great with me, just makes life hectic. I am pretty sure I will go to my grave with no comprehension whatsoever of how my Mom did all that she did. As a mom with fewer children, and not even close to the directions that we went, her ability to make it all happen, and so seamlessly still astounds me. Anyway, this year was our big Disney Vacation that was pure magic and will always be one of my favorite vacations of all times. We spent a lot of time watching Nephews & Nieces doing all their different sporting activities which is one of my favorite things to do. I love seeing them excel, and I have to say I am their biggest fan. There is really no way to tell what 2010 will bring, but I am sure that just like any year it will have its ups and downs too. I just pray that we are able to enjoy each day for what it brings, and learn our lessons wherever and however they come. Best Wishes for the New Year to all my friends, may it be a great one!

Now for New Years Eve!!!!!!!! What a fun night! We hosted this year and had a fantastic time! We were blessed to have the Burton's, Bowman's, Chaffin's, McClain's, Martha and the Shoemaker's join us to ring in the new year. You can't imagine how much fun that many kids could have with only a few minor mishaps. (One being my carpet :)! Some idiot thought that it would be a great idea to let the kids paint pictures in the garage. What was she thinking! Oh well, no harm, only fun!) One of the highlights was for sure the Wii Just Dance-a-thon! Some day I am going to develop some level of dignity, I just know it. I woke up this morning laughing about dancing with Cortney to Cotton Eyed Joe. However, getting Amy Burton to dance with me was AWESOME! Brock has been begging all morning for us to go get that game (I want it really bad too!) Anyway, it was an amazing ending to a great year, and a perfect way to bring in a new decade of fun! Here are a few pics to show the fun....