Monday, June 23, 2008

Wedding Bells

This weekend we traveled about 1000 miles to be with Tim's brother Brian and his new wife Sara to celebrate their wedding. The kids are fantastic travelers so the trip was easy (minus $3.96/gallon gas). The kids were the ring bearer and flower girl and did a fantastic job. Claire really stole the show with her flower tossing skills. She would throw them straight up into the air so they would cascade down. There were a few times when her feet left the ground in an effort to get them that much higher in the air. Precious! When she got to her place she looked at me and said "Mom, did you see me, I did it, I did Great!" in a whisper just loud enough for the whole crowd to hear. I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face. She took her job very seriously and she looked beautiful too. She absolutely loved having curls in her hair. Brock gave me quite a scare the week leading up to the wedding and even the night of rehearsal. He wasn't going to do it. Period. Fortunately, the day of the wedding being dressed up got the best of him and he did a fantastic job. He had the funniest look of admiration on his face for Claire's flower throwing skills. Once they made it down the aisle he went and sat on the step at Tim's feet. He played with the pillow until it was time to walk out. The wedding was really sweet and everything went off great. Congratulations Brian & Sara, may you have many years of happiness together.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Butterflys, Puppies and Diamonds

Okay, time for something happy. My husband LOVES me! Here is why I know...

I have developed an allergy to gold, and my finger has been broken out for about 2 years now. Tim gave the go ahead for a new ring... so yesterday I found what I wanted. I am so excited. I have always had a deep love for jewelry (thanks mom!) so this is a wonderful thing for me!

I hope that you are having a good day. I am!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

To Shannon

I have been putting off writing this until it isn't possible to wait any longer. I guess I was holding out hope that I wouldn't have to, but no such luck. SO with a tearful heart... here goes.

In 1997, Tim and I moved to Little Rock. For me, it was a move home, but under new circumstances because now I was married. The old rules didn't apply anymore, and it was a whole new world. It wasn't long after we got here that I was invited to join a Bunko group my sister had put together with some girls in our Bible Class at PV. I look back at that group being so pivotal in me being the person I am today. Though that group changed dramatically over the years, and almost every person left for one reason or another, two remained Shannon King and myself. For 11 wonderful years, every month, my friend and I have been together playing a silly little dice game. Those nights of sitting around a table have helped to form a friendship that is more special to me than words can say. We started out as two young newlyweds trying to find our way in this new world, and we have walked through the last decade learning more lessons together than either of us ever dreamed we would.

There were the days before kids when we did cool things like take a weekend and go to Knoxville to see the Hogs play in Neyland Stadium. I still love to remember us running from seeing Peyton Manning walking down the road to scream for the Hogs as they got off the buses. We cheered for 3.75 quarters as the Hogs came so close to winning. That was still a great trip. Then there was the time that we floated the Spring River and Greg discovered that you do need to take your ring off BEFORE you float. (Notice there are no pictures of that day here!) Other times, like being on the lake trying to throw you off the waverunner, going to the State Fair, or Greg falling down the icy stairs with Clint, good times. Then when I wanted so desperately wanted to be pregnant, but just wasn't. You held my hand and let me cry, and then cheered so sincerely when I found out I was going to have Claire.

Of course after I had her, I had another breakdown of mammoth proportions, and you were the one holding my hand, when my husband wouldn't even stay in the room with me! Then came BoBo, and we were mothers together. That was so much fun (other than figuring out that I have a very weak stomach) We trudged through those first few years with ups and downs, questions and answers that were found the hard way. The whole time alternating between laughing and pulling our hair out in frustration. One of the highlights for me was the day in the Pumpkin Patch when Bailey found her voice in this world, literally. I am so thankful that your suspicions that day were wrong, and she wasn't really demon possessed. She is precious and brilliant and beautiful, and to be quite honest I feel like you are taking away one of my own. The next few years while having many wonderful high points were also some that I struggled through more than any in my life. Trying to figure out what this curve ball was that life had handed my daughter was a struggle, and once again you were there holding my hand. There were so many days when people had been cruel and said horrible things, but you were there to pick me up. You reassured me that Claire is an amazing little girl, and I always know she is safe from judgement in your eyes. That is a gift you unknowingly give me that I will never be able to repay. We thought we had gotten things under control until God gave us boys, and now we are still guessing. Truth be told, we probably will be for a long time, if not forever! I grieve the fact that I am going to miss the next stage of Tookieworld! It is showing signs of some good laughs. (I am still waiting for his version of the Karate chop! My all time BoBo fav!) It goes without saying the last year has most definitely your hardest. I don't know how to even begin telling you how amazed I am by your strength. You showed us all such courage and faith in the lowest of times. You showed us all how to walk through unspeakable loss with poise, without putting on a mask acting like your heart was not breaking in grief. Olivia was a gift you gave us all, and I thank you for sharing her. She is our beautiful angel.
I am so thankful for these years and cherish every single memory we have made, even the sad ones. You have helped me be a much better person than I ever would have been without you in my life. I guess ten years from now we can all look at me and say, "well she would have been a better person if the Kings hadn't moved away!" You moving away is going to leave a void that won't be filled. You will forever be my dear friend no matter how many miles or hours you move away. Of course, there will be Speed Week in February when I will be moving in, and if the twins I have prophesied show up, then I am coming for at least a month so be ready. I love you friend and I am going to miss you more than I even know. God is going to bless you in Florida, I just know it!

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fancy Nancy!

This past week was Claire's last week of 1st Grade. The last week is always stuffed full of fun stuff to do, but the main thing was Monday. Fancy Nancy Day! The whole 1st grade got to dress in their finest fancy attire. They had a ballerina come to visit and give lessons, they made all kinds of fancy things, and then the day ended with the fanciest of tea parties. The boys were not left out, but they didn't have to have a tea party either. They had an day full of investigations and a tree house party. We were so lucky this year that Claire was in a room full of fantastic kids and had a teacher that was incredible. I don't know that I could have ever imagined this year going so well. God never ceases to amaze me at how well he plans things out. He is so good!