Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Airshow 2008

We have been to the Air Show several times but this is one of the first times the kids really remember. They had a lot of fun, but mainly because we were able to find the Coopers. Here are some cute pics.

Brock's School Adventures

Well, Brock is having a great time in Kindergarten. At his conference, Mrs. Cunningham said that he is doing great. He knew the majority of the words on his test and is happy and eager to learn. We are really proud of how good he is doing. Last week he was chosen as the Character Kid for his class. Mrs. C said that when they called his name he went nuts doing double fist pumps, saying "Yes, Yes, I have waited for this for sooo long. I really wanted this!" Apparently, it really meant a lot to him to be chosen, which is a good thing. I am glad that he got his life-long desire.

Pumpkin Patch....

Monday our Kindergarten classes went to the Pumpkin Patch and had so much fun. The kids went on a hayride to the patch and then chose their pumpkin. Brock had it in his head that he wanted a green pumpkin. Not sure why, but we brought home a green pumpkin. They ate their lunch at their playground and then played until it was time to go home. They were exhausted and filthy and had a great time. It made me really sad to realize this was my last trip to the pumpkin patch. Claire has a field trip coming up next week... I am the Field Trip pro!

This is what you do with a pumpkin to impress the ladies!

They insisted on doing this for the picture. I am not exactly sure why.

State Fair 2008

Every year we go to the State Fair, and our kids just love it! This year was the first year that we have not gone with all of the cousins. It lacked a little spark, but they seemed to have fun anyway. Mom and Dad did end up coming out there so they had fun with them. They rode everything they possibly could several times. It really wasn't a problem because we were there for 8 (EIGHT) hours. Tim and I were so exhausted that we could hardly stand up, but those two knuckleheads still protested when we were leaving. Here are some fun pictures of them enjoying their day. These little people know how to have some fun!

Brock looked like this because....

He wasn't big enough to do this...

Monday, October 13, 2008

How does a 5 year old learn to trash talk?

So Saturday at Brock's game I realized that my son can trash talk like a pro! I have to say, I am waffling back and forth from horrified to amazed to sort of proud! What kind of mom am I? (But it was pretty funny!) Seriously though, if you just look at him doesn't he look sweet? Apparently not on the soccer fields! The competitive monster has been stirred! I just don't know where he gets it...well maybe I do. Although I don't remember ever asking anyone if (I believe it went) "Are you ready to lose suckah?" while pointing at him with both hands. Like I said part horrific, part hilarious. Oh Brocky!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fun Times

This week has had some very fun things. Monday started off on a good note because Claire was chosen as the Character Kid for her class. This is a big honor at Baker to be chosen for this. Each week one kid from each class is chosen. Their pictures are on the board in the hallway and their names are announced on Baker Broadcast. She was so thrilled, and we were so proud!

On Thursday, Brock and 97 other kindergartners and most of their parents went to the zoo. The zoo was fun, but I have never been that much of a zoo lover. Although, LR zoo must be given major credit, because even in the last two years that have made some amazing changes. The habitats look so much more natural and pleasant for the animals. The bears are still a little cramped, but I don't really want them having an opportunity to get out either. Anyway, the kids enjoyed it, especially loved it when the Rhino peed while we were watching. It looked more like a water hose to be quite honest. Here are a few snapshots from the zoo and riding the bus (one of his first times to ride!).

When we left the zoo, one of the kindergarten teachers (Reid's teacher) had arranged for us to go to War Memorial Stadium to eat our lunch. This was sooooo much fun! The kids ate their lunch and then were allowed to get on the field and play for what seemed like hours. It was really neat for the kids (and the big kids too). I had taken Brock to his 1st Razorback game a few weeks ago, so he was so excited to be on the field where DJ had played. He and Reid ran their little legs off. I never thought that Brock would have a defensive future, but after watching him tackle every boy out there (no matter how big), I am beginning to change my mind. He doesn't really seem interested in catching or throwing, just tackling. Anyway, we had a great time, and those kids were worn out. More than one fell asleep on the way back to school. Before we left the field, I had all 5 kindergarten classes in the shape of a B (for Baker) at midfield and took their picture. It will be a great year book picture. I couldn't believe how cooperative 98 kindergartners were. Anyway, it was a great day.

Always clowning!

Hey, a mom can dream!