Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kelly's Kids Half Price Sale

Hey everyone, I have several things from my trunk that I am selling at half price. Email me if you are interested and I can tell you what I have in the size you are looking for! There is some really cute stuff left!

Friday, November 7, 2008

So What does your son draw in Art class?

Earlier this week Tim picked up the kids from school and brought them home (I was there with the AT&T Uverse guy). When they got to the house, I could tell by Tim's face that he was amused about something, but I could never have imagined what it was. I was asking the kids about their day and realized that Brock was getting a piece of paper out of his folder. He opened it up and showed me what he had drawn in art that day. I was looking at the paper and couldn't exactly tell what he had drawn so I said "That's neat Brocky, what is that?" His reply was not quite what I was expecting and he said "It's a bunch of BUTTS". Oh boy!

We've Been Busy!

Whew, things have been hectic around here so I have several things to blog about. Bear with me, this could get lengthy. I will start with the special dress up days that the kids have had at school.

Brock had 50's day to celebrate the 50th day of school. I called my Dad the night before and got my instructions on how to dress him. He looked so adorable. So adorable in fact that the little girls at school called him "hot". My FIVE year old! The result of that was that for several days after that we had to fix his hair "handsome". It was pretty funny!

Claire's class did a unit on Charlotte's Web which she loved. She knows that story inside and out! At the end of the unit they celebrated with Charlotte and Wilber Day. The kids all dressed up as their favorite character from the book, and Claire went as a very adorable Fern! We had her in overalls, two braids, and Cowgirl boots. One of the teachers brought some of the animals from her farm for the kids to see which Claire would have NOTHING to do with! She was not interested in getting anywhere near the horse, colt, cow, calf and there was no amount of coaxing her to get her over there.

Claire's I don't want to get near the animals face

Claire's they are not making me get near the animals face

A safe distance away

The girls in Claire's class
Halloween was so much fun this year! The kids were absolutely adorable and loved every minute of it. Claire was Pocahontas and looked so cute with her war-paint. Brock was the Red Power Ranger. He stayed in character for most of the night. I think he might have a future in acting. He sure enjoys entertaining people around him that is for sure! My nieces and Vanesa came over and ate some Chili and joined us on the hunt for excessive amounts of candy. Since our neighborhood is so hilly we put the kids in the back of Tim's truck and took them on a "Hayless Hayride" as the girls were putting it. We ended up picking up several of the neighborhood kids along the way which made the ride even more fun. We trick or treated for about 2 hours until both kids were asking to come home. (I didn't know that could happen!) It was a fun night and only made me more aware of how much fun I have with my kids (and nieces!).

We met up with a few school friends along the way too

It is so hard to believe it is already November! By the way... Happy Birthday Shannon King! I love you even though you still don't answer the phone, hope that you have had a great day!