Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some People

Okay, so I am not a nice person sometimes. Most of the time I am able to mask it fairly well, but right there under the surface is the mischievous, mean streak. Unfortunately, it does sneak out occasionally, and yep you guessed it, today was the day. Here is the story...
Set Up...
My parents have always taught me that you treat people with respect no matter what position they are in, or what capacity they serve. This is especially true for waitresses, etc. Because of that, I have a really low tolerance for people who treat these people bad!
Today at Terri Lynn's, Brock and I were sitting waiting for my sandwich and this woman came in. She was very short with the lady behind the counter, tossed her (80's) hair all over the place, and gave a few sneers to everyone around her. I just watched her with growing frustration at her lack of respect for everyone else there and as luck would have it they called my number. Whew, don't have to deal with her anymore right... WRONG. As we were leaving she decided to go to her car for something, most likely hairspray, but that isn't the point. I had my hands full with my bag of food and drink in one hand, my keys and Brock's drink in the other. I am trying to get Brock out the door and she almost walks on my heels in her zeal to exit. I had opened the door with my butt and was holding it with my foot since my hands were FULL, but that didn't matter to her. You know how normally the person behind will reach for the door to hold it open for you, much less themselves? Not Princess Hairspray, no no no, she expected me to hold the door for her. Guess again PH, not today, not after the way you just spoke to the lady trying to make rent behind the cash register. So, Brock and I get out and I let go of the door. Whumph was pretty much the last I heard of PH. She didn't even catch the door. I should probably feel bad about the bruise she will have on her arm, but today I just don't. Lesson to all: Be nice to people behind the counter because there might be a 5 ft woman that will drop a door on you.

On a serious note: I ask you to lift up the family of Sandra Travis. Sandra was my Mother In Law's very close friend, and she passed away tonight from a very aggressive cancer. She leaves behind a husband,2 children and 3 grandchildren who she adored and spoiled to the bone. Sandra was a very wonderful person that I loved the moment I met her. Tim and I were dating and she was always so wonderful. She was the person I always looked for when we were at his parents church, and I will miss her tremendously. She always had a funny story and a quick laugh. She always wanted to hear stories about my kids and the funny things they had done or said. I know that today Sandra met Jesus and several of my friends who were already there, and for her I am happy. For those of us left to mourn her though, this is a huge loss.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alive & Sweating!

We are alive and well, just ultra busy. I don't have any pictures to post, but that is just the way of it! School is quickly approaching, and with it my anxiety goes up too. I can't believe that Brock will go to school with Claire this year! It is really overwhelming. The other day I realized that I will be alone in the pick up line and just started bawling. It will be such an adjustment not having that constant chatter by my side all day. I am afraid it will be quite lonely at first. I told Cortney that if I ever walk up and snag Cade or Chico just know that I am feeling sad. The good news is that this is the first year that I am not stressing too hard about Claire starting school. I am confident that she is going to have a fantastic year. A funny Claire story is that her new favorite song is "Get Right Back to Church and lets go HooooOOooome." Not exactly the way Jerome leads it, but I think I like her version better. Too cute!

This picture is from 2006. I thought they were big then!

Off to another Kelly's Kids party!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Even though the 4th ... and 5th were quite soggy around the lake, we still had a great time. There were 8 adults, 9 children (including 1 year old twins) and 4 dogs under one roof. We had a ton of fun as we always do. On the 4th, Gina brought Gran & Grandpa up and Uncle Ricky and Aunt Karen joined us as well. David brought Conner & Chloe, because it wouldn't be a cousin party without them. "Uncle David" is one of Claire's very favorite people and she went berserk when he arrived. He spent the rest of the two days with her pretty much attached to his side. Thank goodness he is a kid person! Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures those two days, and the ones I did take were with Moms camera. Thankfully, after church on Sunday, the sun was shining! We were finally able to spend the day playing on the lake. The kids all got to tube, knee board or ski until they were too tired to do any more. Brock was so exhausted that he slept until 9:30 this morning which is basically unheard of in Brock World. Here are some of the pictures highlighting the weekend.

Brock also started soccer camp today so I included some pictures from that as well.