Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer is almost over!

I can't believe how fast this summer has gone. It always hits me this time of the year that things are gearing toward school and I hate it every year. I think that as much as these two monkeys drive me nuts it is easier to have them around than not. I always miss them so much while they are at school. Plus, I am just a summer person. I love spending the days at the pool, or the weekends at the lake. Just more my style than being holed up in the house avoiding the cold.
We haven't really done much this summer other than the pool and lake, but this past weekend the kids and I did take off to Dallas for a quick trip to pick up our new Suburban. I had been looking since May for what I wanted and found it in Dallas. It was a quick trip and in hind sight I should have left the kids here, but for some reason I thought they would have fun. Brock was particularly vocal ab the trip (Suprise). He had some funny stuff to say.. I told them that we were almost to the dealership and he said "Well Hallelujah, would you like to tell me exactly why we had to go to Dallas to get a car when there are perfectly good cars to buy in Little Rock?" I tried to explain that I had found a much better deal in Dallas than I had in Little Rock but he wasn't buying it. He said "Well let me tell you something, the next time you start out on one of your little car adventures, count me out, I am OFF THE TEAM! I am statying HOME!" I laughed so hard at him, but he was really serious! Then we were about to Arkadelphia on the way home and he said "How many more hours do we have?" I told him one that we were getting close and he said "MOM, I got two words for ya... LOSING IT!!!!!!" He told Tim when we got home that he was only interested in me going to Dallas to buy Christmas presents from now on....
I will post more on the summer later, that was just the lastest and funniest part so far.