Monday, September 28, 2009

So much to blog!

Tim & Brock's race
Tim & Brock did a 5K this summer and had a lot of fun. Brock did a great job of running. It was a lot of fun to watch. He was really proud of himself when he crossed the finish line!

1st Day of School...

The first day of school came and went and the kids are off to a great start. They both love their new teachers and are having a great time. Brock said that homework is ruining his life, but other than that we couldn't have asked for a better start!

Claire's 9th Birthday...

Crazy as it sounds, my baby girl is 9 years old! She had her first spend the night party, and it was great! We had her girl cousins, Abby & Leigh Shoemaker and Danielle Ayers. It was a great time filled with HSM Wii sing-a-long and movies. It was such a fun party!

First Day to Ride the School Bus Home...

I have always sworn that my kids would not ride ths school bus, period. But this year I changed my mind. I have met the driver up at school and she is far from a crackhead, I have followed the bus home on many a day and she isn't a crazy driver, and lets face it, this way I don't have to sit in pick up line! Anyway, the kids LOVE it! It seems to end their day on a fun note. Here are the pictures from their first day. Yes I took pictures of their first day riding the bus!

Well, that pretty much catches us up until I remember to take my camera to soccer. That will be my next post. So far we are 1-1-1, but the main thing is that he is on a team with most of his buddies and is absolutely loving playing.