Sunday, May 2, 2010

Field Trips

I can't believe that the end of the school year is already here!!!! Didn't it just start? Wow the time is flying! The end of the year brings field trips, and fortunately the kids didn't have overlapping days!
On Tuesday I went with Brock and the 1st Graders to the zoo. Despite my dislike of the zoo, we had a great day. I got to hang out with Nancy and the 5 kids we were in charge of so we had a lot of fun.

On Thursday I went with Claire's class to the Museum of Discovery and to Peabody Park. They had a great time and I got a great nap! During the "Go Green" Presentation I had moved to let the kids see better. I woke up to the faces of five kids staring at me saying "Mrs. Jill you fell asleep!" So I am not a tree hugger!

Also, both kids earned their way to go to "Main Event" that was held at War Memorial Stadium. It was so much fun! They had different games set up that kids from Robinson High School came and worked for us. The kids were able to run around on the field for an hour. I think this will be a yearly event! I even got in on some of the action!

We have been so blessed this year to have great teachers and great classmates! I hate to see this year end!

Easter 2010

This year for Easter we had a great day at Sheila & Ben's house. We had an amazing lunch and then the kids had an Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately, Mom had the flu and didn't get to join us. We did get lots of great pictures though.