Monday, April 28, 2008

Economic Stimulus Put to Good Use

President Bush will be so proud of us! We did exactly what he asked us to with our ES Rebate! After 9 years, countless hours and 3 moves our 900lb TV bit the dust. Bless its heart it gave us fair warning, much unlike the self centered iron who just up and jumped one day! We thought we were going to be able to salvage another year out of it, but no, it was tired and ready to retire. Tim couldn't take the blinking anymore so we spent 90% of the day on Saturday shopping for TV's. We started out looking for a 32" but ended up with 42". Isn't that just how it always goes? The kids are thrilled and Brock says it is jumongus. So next time a ballgame or something like that comes on, party at the Ballards! I can't wait to watch the College World Series on this bad boy!


Leigh Ann said...

Ok, Derek so cannot see this post. He is wanting one of those so bad, and there is nothing wrong with our TV so I'm trying to put him off. I have to admit the picture quality looks amazing. Oh, and I think "jumongus" is in the dictionary somewhere! If not, it definitely should be! Enjoy your viewing in high def!